Dental marketing by dentists, for dentists...

We are not a marketing agency trying to target dentists, we are a dentist who have worked out how to use marketing to build our practices.


We have built not one but two £1m practices from scratch through our unique marketing methods and can help you do the same.

Why we do it...

we should all stick to what we are good at

We understand that you don’t want to be a marketing agency running your own adverts, nor do you want to be a creative agency to create those ads, you simply want to grow your practice and provide high quality dentistry.

Our service fills all of these needs and provides you with a totally hands off service that generates the enquiries you need. We design, test, run and manage the entire ad process meaning we need nothing from you, just your agreement to partner with us to generate the enquires you need.

Invisalign Leads Generated for one practice in one month...
Online Consults
£65 Scan Appts
£350 Clincheck
Clincheck Approved
£ 0
£ 0
Ad Spend

Our Happy Clients!

I went from a new account to Diamond provider in just 12 months and couldn’t be happier with the results. The online team are really professional and we get lots of great feedback about the ads smile connection create for us. Highly recommended!


Dr Neil Eugia

Private Dentist

Amazing! We have become the leading practice for Invisalign in our area and our scanner has been running none stop. Having all of our online consultations done for us has been a godsend.


Julie King

Practice Manager

My Invisalign enquires have doubled since working with Smile Connection and the entire system is great. As well as ads we also use them for online consultations which makes the entire process more efficient and helps us convert more of the enquires.


Dr Gareth McAleer

Group Practice Owner

High Quality Ads...

Static ads are dead, long live video….

When it comes to the driving force behind our success, it’s our ability to create customised, personal video ads that perform better than any other dental ads in your area.


The reason most dentists aren’t using it is down to the costs and professional time needed to create them, which is great news, as we do all this for you.


All of our ads are tested in our own practices and only the ones that perform are used for our clients. This means we don’t need to test ads using your money, we have already tested them using our own, resulting in successful ads and campaigns for you.

Case Study:
"Zero to Diamond in 12 months"

We set ourselves a task, could we take an Invisalign provider from zero cases to Diamond Provider in just 18 month? The answer was no, we managed to do it in 12 months instead. To find out how we did it, along with details of how much to costs to get there, book a free online meet-up with us today.

Online TC done for you...

Maximise your ROI by using our team

Generating enquiries is the easy part, doing what it takes to turn them from enquires into patients is where the work starts. Its a common story that leads are called once and then discarded as in a busy practice staff don’t have time to be a sales team.


This is why we provide this service for you. Once we have generated an enquiry we book them into an online consultation with one of our trained TC’s. We carry out the full online consultation and convert leads into a fee paying patient.


This dramatically reduces time wasted in the practice by your dentist and means the only enquires you see are fee paying ones.


Case Study:
"We could never get page 1, now we are number 1!"

We start by providing you with a road path to your search engine optimisation success, implementing your strategy and reporting on your results while we do it. As a Google Partner business, we know we can provide you with results to be proud of.

SEO done the right way...

Be seen in the right places, at the right time

Using some of the worlds premier search engine optimisation practices and tools, we will provide you with a clear picture of how to improve your ranking, what your competitors are doing and how we can help you to out-rank them in organic search engine results.

Treatments we can help with

Dental Implant Enquires




Who we are...

Over the last five years we have grown several private dental practices of our own from squat to over £1 million valuations using the power of online marketing.


We did this by creating our own in-house marketing and video ads team who have been with us from the start. As we have grown, so has the team, and we are now working with other practices in areas that don’t compete with our own, to run the same campaigns and strategies to provide the same results.


We don’t like to think of ourselves as a marketing company, we are more a dental co-operative that are working together for a common goal, to build a successful and profitable practice.

Dental Implant Enquires

We have a proven track record of finding high quality dental implant enquires and our online treatment co-ordinators are trained to convert those enquiries into paying patients at your practice.

Smile Makeover Enquires

We target composite bonding and veneers enquires that can be very profitable and also offer a great crossover into Invisalign for patients that require movement of the teeth prior to bonding.

Invisalign Enquiries

As a diamond provider of Invisalign, we understand more than anyone that the brand speaks for itself, however, making your practice stand out as the go to provider for the treatment takes great ads targeted at the right people.

General Dentistry

Through utilising Google and Bing PPC, paid social media campaigns and organic search engine optimisation we will help you out-rank, and out perform your competitors.