Dental Associate Kick-Starter Marketing

Are you frustrated by the marketing strategy of your practice, or are you simply taking the initiative to attract the patients you want to see? Well, if so, our associate marketing can help.


Presuming you have your own online profile, or your practice will provide you access to their Facebook and Instagram account to run some ad campaigns. We design a series of video ads for you that have already been proven to work with other clients, white label them as your own and use them in targeted ad campaigns on social media. 


This provides instant patient enquiries for you as the associate and helps you build a patient base of patients that you want to see.


We can help with enquires for Invisalign, Composite bonding and Dental Implants.


We manage the entire process, all you need to do is set your ad budget, and new enquires will drop into your inbox. We advise a minimum ad spend of £300 a month to get started, and this is more than enough to test the audience and get some feedback on the enquires you will receive. 

Dental Associate Kick-Starter Marketing

A recent example of the results we can create was a practice in Wales in a small town of just 20,000 people. In our first month, we generated over 80 new enquires for them. The take-up rate has been excellent, and many are now progressing with treatment.


We have no minimum contract, no upfront charges, no exit charges and no hidden charges, which means there is no risk in giving us a go and seeing what we can do for you.


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