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Smile Makeover - Stratford upon Avon

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About Evesham Place Dental

Smile Makeover - Stratford upon Avon

 Evesham Place Dental is located in the heart of Stratford Upon Avon. Established in 1965, we’ve been serving our local community for over 50 years. We pride ourselves on our customer service and reputation. Many of our patients have been with us for decades and have referred their friends and family to us. Our practice aims to make our all of our patients feel welcome, comfortable whilst relaxed using state of the art techniques and equipment. The benefits of Invisalign at Evesham Place Dental are: free consultation, digital scan with iTero so you can see what your teeth look like after treatment, interest free credit available and free tooth whitening included in the cost of treatment.

More about Composite Bonding

The cost of composite bonding really does depend on how much bonding and work is needed. Typical cosmetic bonding starts from £125 for minor repairs and up to £250 per tooth for composite bonding with veneers.

Generally composite bonding can last circa. five years if maintained correctly. We recommend that patients with composite bonding have an annual composite polish treatment to keep them looking like new. When this is done, five years plus is possible.

As the name suggests, composite bonding uses a composite material that is bonded to your teeth or tooth, and shaped to match your other teeth in both colour and shape.

The great thing about composite bonding is that it is minimally invasive. In most cases very little natural tooth needs to be removed meaning minimal damage to your natural teeth.

Composite bonding is not bad for your teeth and is in fact the same material used when you have a white filling. The composite can be removed at any time in the future should you need it to be, leaving the original tooth as before.

Yes, composite bonding is cheaper than porcelain veneers. The process and material is much less expensive, and treatment typically takes less time to administer.

In the event of a cavity that requires a composite filling or a crack or chip to the tooth, composite bonding is good for the teeth as it returns them to their original shape and stops any further decay or damage.

Yes. Composite bonding cannot be whitened therefore we advise that you carry out a course of whitening prior to having your composite bonding. We usually recommend whitening, then leaving a two-week gap to allow your teeth to find a more natural white colour, then matching the composite bonding to that shade.

Composite bonding vs porcelain veneers is a common question, and there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Composite doesn’t last as long as porcelain and also doesn’t keep its colour quite as well. However, it is much cheaper than porcelain and usually less invasive on your original teeth. For more information on which option might be right for you, please feel free to get in touch with a member of our dental team.

Yes. Composite bonding can be removed at any time by your dentist.


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